Friday, April 6, 2007

Like Father Like Son

I love to play contests. Let me clarify that. I love to win contests. Radio contests are the most prevalent, but I'll play TV, store and newspaper contests. People ask me what radio station I listen to in order to win and I tell them whatever station pays me the most for listening. I prefer those with good odds. Good odds for me. My friends who haven't known me for long laugh when I tell them about my current contest until I tell them what I've won in the past. My lastest and greatest was $5,000 cash at Thanskgiving. Other members of my family have won contests too. Furniture, trips, food. There's a real rush when you win that know one else can understand.

I've helped others win contests too. Once I've one something I usually can't win again for 30 days so I spread the wealth around by telling others what to do to win. My oldest son called me a couple of days ago.
Son: Aren't they about to play the contest?
Me: Yes. When you get through play it this way and you'll win $600.00.

He did and won. When he was talking to my wife about it he said, "I owe you guys this much. I'll just give you the check."

He's such a good son.


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Delirious said...

I need you to make a tutorial of how to win so I can learn! Although frankly, our town doesn't have it's own radio station, so I would have to win by long distance.