Friday, September 28, 2007


Napoleon Dynamite says girls love guys with skills. Bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills, ninja skills. With I guess my adventures this week might put me into that category. I travelled to a large town nearby to work with another branch of my office. I headed up a visit to close a business. The owner had emptied it out around midnight the night before and didn't open it that day. Our locksmith got out his handy lockpick gun and went to work. I took notes, although I already know how to use one. In about 5 minutes we were inside and he began changing the locks. The two police officers with us checked out the store to make sure it was vacant and safe, then the alarm went off. I worked with the locksmith to disable the alarm and returned the scene to peace and quiet. We tried calling the owner, but for some reason she didn't answer our calls. All in all, an interesting day.

Glad I don't do that often, but I wonder if I'll ever use my new skills.....


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gotta Love Contests

As my wife and I were watching the news an ad came on for a chance to win tickets to an Omnimax theater showing. The nature of the ad told me the odds of winning were great, plus we usually win free stuff on the tv station contests like this. We both were entered and both won 4 tickets to the movie.

We went to see Wild Chimps of Jane Goodall. It was pretty exciting, but as interesting as the picture was watching our grandson react to the huge moving pictures of monkeys on the screen. Add a little vertigo and our grandson was almost as fun to watch as the movie. My wife can go again to the same movie free on Tuesday night as part of a teacher appreciation night. She's tempted to go again so she can actually watch the movie.

Me, I'd just like to get alone in the domed theater to see how my harmonica sounds with those accoustics.


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Delusions and Illusions

My youngest daughter had a boyfriend over late last night. As they were the only ones up that late, I decided to stay in the living room watching television. I dozed off quite a bit during several of the late night shows. I watched Conan Obrien at one point interviewing a young boy. I dozed and awoke several times and the show went from video to cartoon while I watched. I'm positive I wasn't asleep, but I don't have any other explanation of how the video was cartoon while I watched. I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually happening, but it was as real to me while I watched as the video. Maybe I need to lay off the late night pizza.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

To Be Right - New and Improved.

I know many people who argue about minutia with their loved ones and determined that the basis is that we/they don't want to be the ones who are wrong about anything. I wrote this poem about it. It's not quite there, but who knows when I'll get it totally the way I want it.

PS I've updated the poem a bit more to reflect more what I wanted. See if you like it any better.

PPS. I worked on the poem a bit more. I think it's pretty much where I want it.

To Be Right
By Twist

Why do you argue when you know I'm right?
Don’t you know of my great insight?
Through many days I’ve toiled in strife
and gained much wisdom from daily life.
It’s not important what you do
because I’ve lived much longer than you.

You should listen to my counsel and not contest,
You can learn from me, my opinion’s best.
I’m not encumbered with all your fears,
My youthful strength will last for years.
I know you’re wrong and I am right,
You will be blessed by my young sight.

My womanly instincts give me great perception
To ensure in all that I have no deception.
Mother Nature and God are on my side,
I solve any problem in a single stride.
My feminine nature achieves great height.
You’ll always know that I am right.

As a man I’ve endeavored with all my might
to gain my knowledge and all my sight.
Nature has endowed me with strength and power,
To guide me in each troublesome hour.
It does not matter if you’re right all along
It matters most that I’m not wrong.

We sit each at last, alone in the dark,
Not even a dog is present to bark.
We’ve driven away every incorrect soul
With their lack of vision to see the whole.
Though no one's around to share our insight,
We have great pride in knowing that we were right.