Friday, March 28, 2008

Matchmaker, matchmaker

Several months back a couple of people came to my mind. I think it started when a young man returned from a mission and his mother accompanied him to hear his report to the Church leaders. Her husband left her a number of years ago and she raised her three boys by herself, including supporting all three as they served missions. As I thought about what a wonderful woman and mother she's been, I thought about a cousin of mine.

My cousin's wife died suddenly of cancer as a relatively young woman. The widower continued raising their children, but, living in a small town, life was much lonelier than before. As I thought about the two of them, I realized that they needed to be introduced. The thought would not leave me alone and I finally approacher her about the subect. She had not dated in many years and was very skittish about starting again. I couldn't talk her into getting me a photo to send to my cousin.

As her three sons are dating and contemplating their futures, my friend came to a realization that soon she would be totally alone again. This reality prompted her to rethink her potential future and she emailed me a picture of herself. I called my cousin and explained to him for the first time what I have been trying to organize. I was anxious and dreading the discussion, but he was totally open to begin a friendship via internet, phone, snail mail or whatever.

Will anything happen now? I hope so, but at least I have helped two people meet who would never have happened across each other any other way.

See you on down the trail,


Saturday, March 8, 2008

"I think, therefore...."

The famous quote goes, "I think, therefore, I am." But what if you can't seem to think very clearly anymore. More often than not it goes more like "I think, therefore...I forget."

A few years ago, I had part of my thyroid removed. I have half of it remaining. The reason was a nodule the size of a fifty cent piece. It was not cancerous, but it still needed to be removed. Hormone replacement therapy was then prescribed for the rest of my life, in part to keep the other half of the thyroid less active, less likely to produce another nodule, and part simply to make up the difference in the lack of production of the natural hormone from the removed half of the thyroid.

I can pinpoint a cloudy mind to the time of that surgery. Perhaps it's all in my mind, so to speak, and perhaps it is an effect of taking this hormone supplement. This is the only one I take, so I don't have any experience with other hormone replacment therapy, thus the reason for this blog. Has anyone else had this experience with either thyroid other other hormone medications they take. Do you feel as though you have a harder time thinking clearly since beginning such a regimen?

A good friend of mine advised me that the symptom of a cloudy mind is simply a matter of getting enough rest and exercise. He says all I need is a solid dose of prosperity that will allow me to rest more and use my free time for healthier endeavors. Sounds good to me.

I think I'll go try to take a dose of that medicine,


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too Much Excitement

We had a testimony meeting today in Church. Anyone can go up to the pulpit and share their testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the usual type meeting with moving testimonies and touching experiences. The last person up was nearly finished when she paused and pointed to the back pew. At first most people had no idea what was going one, but when the doctors and nurses in the congregation quickly went to the back, we all started turning in our seats. An elder gentelman, Cecil T_ had been gasping for breath, and a nurse nearby had him lay down.

This is a tribute to the talents available. Two doctors and three nurses were at his side in seconds to take care of him. The doctor had his wife retrieve his medical bag from the car as they checked him over. Two or three cell phones were out and faster than I would have believed it, the EMTs had arrived. Cecil, though looking like he'd been drawn through a knothole, was awake and talking to the medical personnel as they wheeled the stretcher out.

The member doctor who attended him first told me that he thought Cecil had a stroke. He said there seemed to be some problems with his right side, but we haven't heard anything official yet.

Dejavu'. Back in the 70's, another friend, Glenn M_, passed out in Church and hit his head on the pew in front of him. Untrained individuals back then were seeing about him, trying to make sure he didn't swallow his tongue. He obligingly bit one of them. If no one is around, I'll help, but I also know when to stay out of the way.

See you on down the trail,