Friday, January 25, 2008

Mello Yellow

I have been at the same government job for over 24 years now. Next year I will retire from this job, even though I will look for another to supplement my retirement income. My biggest complaint through the years is that management does not treat employees as well as customers. All measuring criteria is meant to find out just exactly what you must be doing wrong.

I was given a packet of observations of my work for the past 3 months and told to review and sign them, in preparation for a workload review. One of the observations decided that I must have wasted over 5 hours on the specified day of the observation. Now I get to work usually about 15 minutes early, I don't take regular breaks, I bounce from one desk to another wearing different hats as I work all over the office. Everyone from customers, to employees in ours and other divisions and management in both divisions come to me to ask me questions and get help. I don't surf the internet at work. I don't get more than a couple of personal phone calls in a week.

I was prepared to battle my manager over this negative review, but the closer I got to the meeting, the less important it seemed to make my point. We had the interview, I simply stated what I was doing, signed my papers and left the interview. The overall meeting was very positive. I actually trained my manager when she signed on with our agency several years ago. I don't know whether this will affect me at all one way or the other, but I decided that a year from now, I won't really care.

I'm off now for the weekend. My ulcer doesn't have anything more to worry about. I think I'll kick back and enjoy.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Honey Do's

I had passing thoughts of looking for a new hiking area around town, something not too far away, but still with that certain je ne se qua, the wild something in the city. I had also kicked around the idea of going to a shooting range or looking for a new geocache.

What I finally decided, was actually decided for me. Mrs Twist, son C_ and his fiancee' T_ all decided that this middle of January would be a good day for a garage sale. Mrs Twist also decided that a refrigerator that used to belong to T_'s mother should replace the one we had. I'm not sure what all the fuss was about to tell you the truth. Our old fridge has done fine for 24 years. I reckon it would keep on keeping it's cool for awhile yet, but there you have it.

T_ also decided that she needed new living room furniture and the we should get her old ones, that were in pretty decent shape. Needless to say, I spent most of the day today moving refrigerators in and out of place, trucks, the garage and then moving couches, shelves and miscellaneous odd pieces of domestic paraphenalia till the only thing that I can't move anymore is my back.

Reminds me of a famous short prayer, " Lord, bless ole Parley, he's shore tired."

If anyone needs me I'll most likely be right here in the easy chair.