Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sign Me Up, Jeff

Ok, I'm retired. I'm in pretty good shape at the moment, good health and all. I don't have any major commitments. I've completed a looong application, produced a 3 minute video, applied for a passport and submitted my packet to be a contestant on Survivor Samoa.

My wife thinks it's silly and a waste of time and money, but if I were to get chosen it would be the experience of a lifetime, one that would not come my way again. That all said, the producers will thin out the supposedly thousands of applications to a mere 800 potential contestants, then to the final group to compete.

Now who wouldn't want to sleep outside in the dirt and rain with a group of total strangers, all of whom either want you to watch their back or put a knife in yours. If that's not enough, a steady diet of boiled water, rice, coconuts, fish and very little of anything else while going through exhausting contests should seal the deal to entice anyone.

The next season tapes during the summer and fall of 2009 and you must commit to be gone 7 weeks total, whether you are voted out the first tribal council or not. That would be pretty rough too, though, to have to spend 7 weeks in Samoa being taken care of by the producers, though I'd much rather be the 125 pound 53 year old man who walks away with a cool million at the end.

Guess I'd better go practice my swimming,