Saturday, April 21, 2007

$$$Deja Vu... All Over Again$$$

After my son won the $600.00 on the radio contest, he came to me and said, "Did you know ______ station has a contest going on now? Well, you already saw that I won that contest and won $250.00. My daughter called Thursday to remind me that the same contest where he won the $600.00 was starting up again. While I didn't win on that contest...yet...she did. My oldest daughter won $300.00 yesterday on the radio.

Now I'm not saying we are overly lucky, even though we are greatly blessed, but persistance is a constant key. I reckon that pretty much extends to everything in life.


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Next Best Thing

After I won the money on the radio, I emailed a friend about it. I said, "Here is a mathematical statement for you to consider: Half the fun is winning money on the radio, half the fun is spending it and the other half is telling people about it."
I've decided that the next best thing to winning money is getting a good bargain. I love to shop the sales, coupons and garage sales. I think my best was $20 in coupons once, but I've also found some fantastic deals as we've bought clothes at garage sales, amazing bargains at going out of business sales, canoes being phased out at outdoor centers.
One time I found a microfiche reader at a college warehouse sale. We were in the process of putting together a genealogy center at the Church so I asked how much for the reader. They said, how about buying all of them for $25.00. America, what a country. I bought 17 of them, fixed up, cleaned up and donated or sold all of them but a couple I kept for parts.
My brother-in-law asked me, in jest, if I could find him an air compressor and tank. I asked him what color.
I collect belt buckles and get loads of them at garage sales. I have more buckles than most stores where you shop, but I've always wanted one like the picture above with silver, turquise, coral and a bear claw. I usually ask for a napkin to wipe the drool as I look at them in display cases because they are priced around $300. Today at a big, city garage sale I found this one. It was quite tarnished and was missing a bear claw. I asked the lady for a napkin and the price. They nearly had to pick me up off the floor when she said, "Well, we've been asking $20, but since a bear claw is missing, I'll sell it to you for $15."
A few hours later and considerable time polishing and fitting in two matching fake bear claws, I've got the belt buckle I've had my heart set on for years. My only problem is, once you get the fantasy, what do you dream about next?


Friday, April 13, 2007

$$$$Deja Vu...All Over Again$$$$

After my son won the $600.00 on the radio contest, he came to me and said, "Did you know ______ station has a contest going on now? It's a secret sound you have to guess."

Great I love new contests. People ask me what radio station I listen to. I tell them, "Whoever pays me the most at the time." I'm not terribly particular when there's money involved, although I just couldn't keep the rap station going long enough to win tickets to a concert for my daughter.

This new secret sound contest started our great. I had the answer several times, but as with most contests, I just couldn't get through. I think you can get through easier on cell phones, though. I told this to my secretary today when she wanted to try and win. She doesn't have a radio by her desk, mind you. She asked me to tell her when they were playing and give her the answer to the secret sound. I'm a pushover and a darn generous guy, so I did. We still didn't get through the first time of the day, but the person who did get through guessed wrong.

The next time she went to her car to smoke and listen to the radio and try to win on her cell phone. I called and the phone started ringing after only a few tries and I was the correct caller to try and win. The sound, by the way, is the one your straw makes in a soft drink or milk shake when you pull it up and down through the hole. You all know the sound...that annoying sound all our kids have made a million times.

They say when someone says they are going to make a long story short, it's already too late. Needless to say, I did win. Only $250.00. That's getting to be small potatos around our household of prize winnings, but I'll tell you what, it sure makes the meager funds in the checkbook go a lot farther for this family.

I think Friday the 13th is a pretty lucky day after all.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Viral, Bacterial, Allergy or Something Else

Viral, Bacterial, Allergy or Something Else. These are the main causes of conjuntivitis or inflamation of the conjuctiva, the clear membrane surround the white of the eye otherwise known as pink eye. Another interesting fact is that you can get and are contagious even if you don't show all the symptoms yet and for up to 14 days while you are treating your eyes.

This is where I am today, approximately 4 days with the evil eye. I'll tell you what, my eye is scary enough when I look at myself in the mirror. If both my eyes had pink eye, I believe I'd frighten little kids. I know, at this point you are reaching for the hand sanitizer. Just so you'll know, I use hand sanitizer throughout the day at work and I still got a raging case of pink eye. Pink is an understatement though. Cherry red is more the color, but sounds too sweet. Something along the lines of the Sith apprentice Darth Maul is a closer approximation of how I feel I look.

I knew what I had and called the doctor to beg him for a pink eye medicine. They decided I needed to come to the office and pay $30.00 for the office visit only to have the nurse practitioner look at my eye for 1 second and then say, "You've got pink eye!" Ya think? With 5 kids we've seen our share of pink eye. I didn't need validation of my self diagnosis, I only needed medicine, which I now have. Drops twice a day, medicated axle grease to put in my eye while I sleep.

Gottagofornow. I need to slather my eye.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Like Father Like Son

I love to play contests. Let me clarify that. I love to win contests. Radio contests are the most prevalent, but I'll play TV, store and newspaper contests. People ask me what radio station I listen to in order to win and I tell them whatever station pays me the most for listening. I prefer those with good odds. Good odds for me. My friends who haven't known me for long laugh when I tell them about my current contest until I tell them what I've won in the past. My lastest and greatest was $5,000 cash at Thanskgiving. Other members of my family have won contests too. Furniture, trips, food. There's a real rush when you win that know one else can understand.

I've helped others win contests too. Once I've one something I usually can't win again for 30 days so I spread the wealth around by telling others what to do to win. My oldest son called me a couple of days ago.
Son: Aren't they about to play the contest?
Me: Yes. When you get through play it this way and you'll win $600.00.

He did and won. When he was talking to my wife about it he said, "I owe you guys this much. I'll just give you the check."

He's such a good son.