Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Viral, Bacterial, Allergy or Something Else

Viral, Bacterial, Allergy or Something Else. These are the main causes of conjuntivitis or inflamation of the conjuctiva, the clear membrane surround the white of the eye otherwise known as pink eye. Another interesting fact is that you can get and are contagious even if you don't show all the symptoms yet and for up to 14 days while you are treating your eyes.

This is where I am today, approximately 4 days with the evil eye. I'll tell you what, my eye is scary enough when I look at myself in the mirror. If both my eyes had pink eye, I believe I'd frighten little kids. I know, at this point you are reaching for the hand sanitizer. Just so you'll know, I use hand sanitizer throughout the day at work and I still got a raging case of pink eye. Pink is an understatement though. Cherry red is more the color, but sounds too sweet. Something along the lines of the Sith apprentice Darth Maul is a closer approximation of how I feel I look.

I knew what I had and called the doctor to beg him for a pink eye medicine. They decided I needed to come to the office and pay $30.00 for the office visit only to have the nurse practitioner look at my eye for 1 second and then say, "You've got pink eye!" Ya think? With 5 kids we've seen our share of pink eye. I didn't need validation of my self diagnosis, I only needed medicine, which I now have. Drops twice a day, medicated axle grease to put in my eye while I sleep.

Gottagofornow. I need to slather my eye.



Delirious said...

UGH! I hate conjunctivitis! Hang in there!

Inside Stories said...

I thought for a minute you had a picture of my ulcer. :0)