Friday, April 11, 2008

Amber Alert

I saw this Amber Alert and unlike many I see, I thought I needed to pass this one along. Amberlillies on Blogspot has disappeared. One of my favorite people, with I might say, perfect hands, even after trajedy, has lost posting on the web. If you see her anywhere, please let her know her web family misses her.


Too Many Hats

My office, like all, has a fairly well defined division of duties. There's a manager, who fortunately lives in another city. We have a supervisor, secretary, customer service representatives, criminal investigation division and field personnel. Yours truly falls into the last category at the present time, and I am to be out in the field 2-3 days a week, ideally. I'm not sure who's idea that was, as it sure wasn't mine.

I was preparing for one or two days out this week, travelling a little. First, my co-field worker was sent to another city for a couple of days, better him than me. Second, the secretary was promoted to being a field worker, so she is in training half a day for that. Third, one of the customer service people had an emergency and was out all week, with me filling in. Next the other customer service person has had to be out for medical appointments.

Now the stage is set. I'm the only one in the customer service area. Most of the week I greeted people as they came into the office and helped them. While the secretary was training I answered the phone. Since there was nobody to help people on the phones, I worked each phone call. No one was my backup, so I worked the incoming mail and faxes. When the supervisor went to lunch, I performed supervisory responsibilities in his absence. As a field person, I worked on my cases in preparation to get to the field, including scheduling a late night visit to a business, which fortunately was cancelled.

If I have to wear any more hats at work, I might just run screaming into the night....again.

At least it's Friday. Two short days before Monday and it all starts again.

I better get started relaxing fast,