Saturday, April 21, 2007

$$$Deja Vu... All Over Again$$$

After my son won the $600.00 on the radio contest, he came to me and said, "Did you know ______ station has a contest going on now? Well, you already saw that I won that contest and won $250.00. My daughter called Thursday to remind me that the same contest where he won the $600.00 was starting up again. While I didn't win on that contest...yet...she did. My oldest daughter won $300.00 yesterday on the radio.

Now I'm not saying we are overly lucky, even though we are greatly blessed, but persistance is a constant key. I reckon that pretty much extends to everything in life.



Native Minnow said...

Wow, and I used to think I was cool just because I could get the Saturday night DJ to play any song I wanted as long as I offered free nachos to the next three of their listeners to come to the gas station where I worked.

Twist's Tales said...

Well, Ok, Minnow, that is cool.