Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gotta Love Contests

As my wife and I were watching the news an ad came on for a chance to win tickets to an Omnimax theater showing. The nature of the ad told me the odds of winning were great, plus we usually win free stuff on the tv station contests like this. We both were entered and both won 4 tickets to the movie.

We went to see Wild Chimps of Jane Goodall. It was pretty exciting, but as interesting as the picture was watching our grandson react to the huge moving pictures of monkeys on the screen. Add a little vertigo and our grandson was almost as fun to watch as the movie. My wife can go again to the same movie free on Tuesday night as part of a teacher appreciation night. She's tempted to go again so she can actually watch the movie.

Me, I'd just like to get alone in the domed theater to see how my harmonica sounds with those accoustics.


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Delirious said...

I LOVE IMAX movies! I bet if you asked, they would let you run in and play your harmonica really
I have seen:
Serenghetti (saw it in Hong Kong with Mom and Dad)
Special Effects (movies)
One was about fire or volcanos...can't remember
Zion Canyon
Hearst Castle
um...I know I have seen a couple more, but can't remember what they were. so fun!