Friday, March 30, 2007

Twist and Twisters

We were in our church meeting last Sunday and the first meeting was nearly over. The Bishop suddenly announced that the meeting would end early so everyone could go to the basement because a tornado had just been spotted...out the back door. The person who was asked to give the bendiction to the meeting must not have been paying any attention because he proceeded to pray for a while and not for saftey. After he finally said, "Amen," everyone went down to the basement. At least most people. I did what you are supposed to do in situations like that. I went to my truck, turned on the ham radio to listen to the storm spotters and drove home to get my digital camera and video camera.

Now the tornado was one of a couple spotted over the city, but they were only low velocity funnel clouds, not a tremendous amount bigger than a large dust devil. They could have caused some damage, but didn't. That was the beginning of the week. There were numerous tornados that day and throughout the week. A friend of mine who is a storm spotter got an excellent video of a tornado north of here. He made the national news with his video, in fact. On the other hand, all the storms were somewhere I wasn't. I didn't even take the cameras out of the case....this week.

I'll keep my eye on the clouds and the radio on the spotter frequency and maybe I'll post a picture here in the next month or so.


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Inside Stories said...

Well, Twist, I hope you don't end up ih a TWIST-er!