Thursday, September 10, 2009


I posted a note on my facebook that my time has really been taken up lately by other things. I've been to the doctors' offices several mornings with my wife and daughter. Both have ongoing issues that nobody seems to be able to diagnose or cure. I had jury duty this morning, though once I arrived at the court I discovered everything was cancelled. Yesterday morning I spent most of 2 hours 20 feet up in trees helping a friend put up a ham radio antenna. I went to a funeral, have had numerous miscellaneous church responsibilities and regularly pickup a son from school at lunchtime. I spent an hour sanding, sawing, varnishing and nailing on a couple of shelves we bought at a garage sale for $20. (They look great. What a bargain.)

I'm not really complaining about the demands on my time. I told my wife today that it would be so totally awesome if neither of us needed to work. It is not hard to fill the day with hot tub, kayaking, hiking, reading, etc.

I love retirement. Sigh, too bad it just doesn't pay enough. Maybe I'll get a call this week for an interview.

Guess I'll check the jobs posted online...again.



Nene said...

Did you get the shelves to go in that place in your kitchen you were talking to me about?

Twist's Tales said...

Yes, I put the shelves in my kitchen as a kind of pantry. The two shelves were about as nice and tall as the one we saw in Albuquerque.