Friday, August 28, 2009

Send Money

I've thought many times about starting a blog requesting that any reader send me a $1 bill. You could potentially pay off all your bills. Realistically, I noticed I've only had 4 hits on this blog today. Oh, well. Good idea while it lasted. Maybe another day.

Contests are my favorite, however. Our local television station has a contest going now. They issue a numbered card to you. You watch the news and listen for them to draw a number. If it's your number, you call the next day and win. Sounds like high odds against you, but I've won it twice now. The first time they showed my commercial so many times during the next 3 years that most everyone in town knows my face. Many ask if I've won again. Now I'll tell them yes.

I love contests.



Delirious said...

I wish my town had contests like that! Instead we just have kidnappers who keep kids for 18 years. ;)

Mr. Giggles said...

Just load this video into Windows Movie Maker, and you can edit out the narration on the parts where they say your name, etc. The keep the video! Easy cheesey!

Inklings said...

Your 15 minutes of fame?