Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peaceful Waters

I just returned from a visit with my parents and several siblings. I travelled to Albuquerque then from there to Utah with my sister, Nene. We had an enjoyable trip there and back. I don't think conversations stopped for a solid week. The miles flew by as we travelled, in fact, we failed to notice some towns along the way.

While at my parents home we talked from morning till late at night, stories of family, urban legends, politics, religion and everything in between. We shopped at Walmart, grocery stores, second hand stores and tourist shops.

The last visit we made to my parents house found my mother barely able to walk across the room and getting tired from that simple effort. This trip, as we drove up the block to the driveway, we saw my mother, outfit accessorized with a large pink hat, running across the sidewalk across the street to avoid getting sprayed by the sprinkler. Instead of spending all her time on either the couch or the chair, she accompanied us on most of our shopping sprees.

After several weeks of chemotherapy, my mother is still feeling stronger, not nauseaus from the chemo, and still in possession of her hair. So far the only ill effects from her chemo was a sunburned nose and cheek. Spirits were high and smiles were frequent.

Although my father is still unsteady on his feet and falls somewhere every week, as we left their house to return home, we had the most peaceful farewell in a long time. While I understand that this life is temporary, as evidenced by the passing of the mother of a good friend of mine, these are experiences I count as some of the tender mercies of the Lord to our family.

Thanks, Nene, for taking me along.

Happy trails for sure,



Nene said...

Anytime, Twist! I enjoyed your company. I like your new site meter!

Delirious said...

I'm glad to hear she is doing better. I don't think she would have lasted even through spring if she wasn't such a tough cookie. :)

Inklings said...

I'm glad the two of you came out again. It was a nice visit for me, too.