Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home at the Shack

This is what happens when you get grown men together who don't have enough to do. They put a 32 foot ham radio antenna mast on your roof. We spent about 4 hours taking the pole down elsewhere and putting it up somewhere else. It's mounted on the chimney, which I discovered needs $500 worth of work on the crown. No, not from anything we did. There is possibly 500' of guy line supporting the mast. I stood on the chimney at one point in the heat for so long holding the mast up, that I started feeling faint and dizzy. I had to get down and lay on the roof. I don't know if it was the heat or the strain or both, but we finally got it up. Lonehawk, this is my 80/40m antenna. If you do something similar, get lots of help.

Gottagofornow, the ham net is starting,



Nene said...

I hope that doesn't work like a lightning rod and attract lightning. :0+

Twist's Tales said...

Only possibly if I don't disconnect the antenna wire during a storm. The pole itself is fiberglass instead of metal for that reason.