Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Harm, No Foul

I have been working a great deal lately to set up a ham radio station, the antenna being the most challenging part. I set up a 32' mast on top of my roof with 6 guy wires, a pulley rope to raise and lower the antenna, 2 chimney mount brackets and 2 legs of the antenna wire itself. I succeeded in communicating with people a few hundred miles away. This is an on going endeavor and needs more fine tuning, literally and figuratively.

In the process of working on the big antenna I came across plans on the internet for a digital antenna to bring in TV signals, assuming you have a converter box or digital TV already. The plans, which I'd be happy to email to anyone interested, were fairly simple and inexpensive. I substituted aluminum tubing, scavenged off an old antenna, for copper tubing. Copper tubing is not really expensive, but I already had the other. I thought that having an outside antenna on the roof might boost the picture quality since we do not have cable.

The finished product looks pretty much like it should on the designs and functions as well as the somewhat expensive antennas we already have. It does not appear to work any better, but we'll see if it has any problems operating. Meanwhile, I've hooked it up to two TV sets in conjunction with the other antennas we already had. So far I haven't seen any of those digital signal jumps, but who knows.

Main point is I had fun making it and it didn't hurt me none,


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