Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special Night

The Temple president made our Stake president an offer he couldn't refuse. The offer was to open the Temple for a special session with the Stake presidency, High Council, Bishops and their wives. Also attending was the Mission president and his wife, Stake YW president, Stake RS president and her husband.

Due to scheduling problems, not everyone was able to come, but there was only one empty seat. The Temple president, counselor, matron and assistant were the officiators for the session. I expected a huge group for the prayer, but had mainly the Stake presidency and wives. It was an awesome session.

I would have stayed longer in the celestial room afterwards, but felt a cough tickle starting and didn't want to disturb the rest, so Helen and I left.

After we got home, we grilled bacon wrapped filet mignon for dinner with asparagus and potatoes for dinner. Deseret was a fudge bar.

If I was a cat, I'd be purring.



Delirious said...

Nice :)

Inklings said...

Sounds like a wonderful night.

Nene said...

That was really nice of your Temple President to do that for your stake.