Friday, April 3, 2009

Eagles' Nest

At 7pm on April 1, 2009, my youngest son Nathan received his eagle scout award almost 6 1/2 years after his older brother, Chris received his eagle.

As a youth, I never got past second class. There were a host of reasons for that, but I've always tried to follow the scout motto of "Be prepared." I'd like to think that if the eagle award were available to adult scouts, I'd be qualified. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled to see my youngest child receive the award. Of course, like his brother, he won't appreciate it for years, but those of us who understand the prestige are proud of them both.

I will claim only a small amount of credit since most of it goes not to Nathan, but to Helen. She worked with him through merit badges and eagle project. She got a neat mother's pin. I got a cool dad's pin.

I think I need to polish my pins a bit.


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Nene said...

I'm proud of him! Good job!