Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is to Cry For

I found this at a garage sale yesterday.
I could easily picture this on the wall in the High Council room. There is also a projector screen that pulls down too. I called the Stake President later in the day and described it to him. He said definitely get it. I went back to the garage sale, paid the man $50 and backed up the van. As we were loading it in the back, he dropped his side and the door broke off. A one inch piece of wood all down the side sheared off where the screws attached the door to the hinge. I was sick about it. The man gave me the $50 back and we drove home.

I informed the Stake President what happened and he asked me to go back and buy the pieces and he would see if the man who just made cabinets for him could make a new door for it. Now, this cabinet is nice oak wood and a new door won't be cheap, but even if it costs $100 for a new door, I looked up the price of this on the internet. It normally sells for $2000. Now I just hope it won't be expensive to fix, because it will be wonderful in some classroom.

I will still keep my eyes peeled for more garage sales, though.



Delirious said...

Wow, that is cool!

Dee Ice Hole said...

I'll bet you could have glued the piece back on and put three grabber screws through the broken off piece into the large board and had it fixed to where no one could have told it was broken from ten feet away.

Inklings said...

That is nice..I hope they can fix it so you can use it.

Nene said...

If we lived by you, Leon could fix it. Too bad. I'll bet the Stake Pres. can get it fixed though. I'll bet you even have someone in your stake that would do it for cost of materials only.