Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I have 1 full day and 1 day of who knwos how long left at work this week. I will leave work Tuesday at whatever time they let me go to retire after 25 years at work. Mind you, I'm not going to quit working, just going to quit working there. I'm on the brink of trying to start another career, but we'll have to wait and see just what.

Since I have been there so long I have accumulated quite a pile of junk and decorations for my cubicle. Rather than depress my co-workers....and have them laugh at my pile of stuff, I decided to clean out my cubicle on Saturday. Helen and I went in and started cleaning out and boxing up. There was quite a lot of memories amidst the dust, but we finally got everything I could in the van. I had 5 copier paper boxes, two paintings and 3 picture frames to take home. The boxes included many miscellaneous items such as: M & M Hotrod candy dispenser, mugs, junk food, a zen garden, bamboo plant, a wide array of junk food and medicines for the office.

I shredded 2 trashcans full of old papers and will still have a desk full of office supplies, my roll-o-dex, an under-cabinet stereo, and a number of other items to let my co-workers fight over once I'm gone. I'm totally good with that. I went through other retirees' desks the day after they left. I waited a week to go through the desk of a friend that died, so I whole-heartedly hope they don't just trash the left overs.

I'm trying to decide now what to wear for my last day at work. Pajamas and a bathrobe, a tux and ruffled shirt, coveralls and cowboy hat. So many options.

I knew I should have bought a full pair of spurs,



Amber said...

Congratulations - I hope your last day is a good one!! :)

Dee Ice Hole said...

If I had known you were considering wearing spurs i could have sent you silver and gold centennial spurs to werar - they are beautiful and have never been worn before since I have two other commemorative pairs.