Friday, March 6, 2009

It's My Car

I got a call today from my youngest daughter. She was at work at the bank and said, "Do you know a Carlos Pando?"
"No, I've never heard of him, why?"
"Because there's a tow truck here to take my car away because it's behind on car payments. "
I had her had the cell phone to the tow truck operator and told them, "DO NOT TAKE THAT CAR! I HAVE A CLEAR TITLE!"
She said that the Ford company had a lien against the title. I told her again, "no I have a clear title."
The lady said she was just doing her job, but I told her she was not to take the car. Meanwhile she was on the phone with the Ford people and gave me the guy's number to call and said that she would not take Samm's car.
I had to wait another hour or so to get home and find the title to the car. Now I couldn't remember looking at it or not to see if it was clear. Fortunately it showed no lien.
I called Ford and talked to the guy and said, "You tried to tow my daughter's car today." He knew right who we were and said there had been a huge mistake on their part, that they had corrected the error and it wouldn't happen again. He appologized appropriately, so I magnanimously accepted and that was the end of that.
I'm pretty sure I spiked my blood pressure for the year, though. I got to spend some time at the Temple in a meeting, so I'm mellow again.
Well, maybe I need to go spend a little time out in the hot tub....just to be sure.



Delirious said...

Unbelievable! And part of the unbelievable is that they actually listened to you and didn't tow the car!

Nene said...

Yes, I'm amazed they didn't tow it. Did she see them towing it? Because usually they just hitch it up and take it without saying anything to anyone.

Twist's Tales said...

A co-worker saw the tow truck hooking up the car. If not, we would have just thought it was stolen. Same thing if they had come in the middle of the night.