Monday, December 10, 2007

Pain in the Neck

I normally don't have a very good excuse for failure to blog. Laziness and distraction are usually enough to keep me from writing, but for the past month I've had an additional excuse. Whether from posture at home or work, typing on the computer or reading, I've had a pain in the back of my neck that just doesn't go away. I've been supplementing my diet with Excedrin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, trying to kick they cycle of inflammation long enough to get rid of the pain, but nothing helps much. A day of typing at work causes more pain than my thyroid surgery did. The only thing I can think of that tops it is hitting my thumb with a hammer. (Accidentily, of course.)

The various pain relievers and anti-inflammatories work for about 3 hours then wear off. Ice packs help temporarily, as do heat packs. As much as anything, I'm trying to determine just exactly what behavior is causing the pain, but so far I haven't pinned it down. On a bad night, I'll wake up in pain and go looking for a remedy. I'm open to suggestions, comments, good jokes, anything that will help.

I'll figure it out.



Delirious said...

You might try a chiropractor, or a massage therapist. It could be that your neck is out of place and massage might help to relax the muscles so that the bone can go back in to place. You might also consider going to a regular doctor. I do think a chiropractor could help alot. They get a bad rap, but they can fix alot of things.

Nene said...

I'd look at what position you are sitting in when you are at work. Or maybe even just when you are at any computer. PS. Mom and Dad asked me how you were doing so you might call & let them know.

Inside Stories said...

I think you need to let a dr. figure it out!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I used to get really bad migraines...I went to the chiropractor and now I'm down to a few times a month. (I used to have them nearly every day.) You should try a chiropractor, sounds like it can't hurt anymore than you already are. I hope you get better soon! ***L***