Saturday, December 29, 2007


Everyone, it seems, has their own holiday traditions. For some it starts the day after Thanksgiving with decorating or, in my case, shopping on Black Friday. But shopping aside, one of my favorite Christmas/New Years' traditions entails travelling 1200 miles from home to visit my in-laws.

Now that may not seem like a strange or different tradition, but once we get there, we like to drive 70 miles, then hike one more over rough terrain to get to the cave. The hike alone is a little rigorous, but add an eighty pound pack and it gets very interesting.

At the cave we setup camp just inside the mouth and cook dinner, shoot BB guns and explore the depts of the cave as time permits. We always have a wide array of lamps, candles, LED headlights and the like to see in the cave. This experience alone inspired one full chapter of my book. Shooting BB and pellet guns won't match what my family does in Utah, (wish I could be there with you to blast a few dozen Christmas ornaments.) but we get a great deal of satisfaction just the same.

Whatever your traditions for Christmas and New Years, I hope you all have good ones.


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Delirious said...

The only new year tradition that we have is making a Chinese feast on New Year's eve. Our kids usually go out in the street with the neighbors to make noise at midnight. They use trumpets, or trombones, or pans and spoons.