Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

We were travelling 1230 miles to visit my in-laws for Christmas, from Texas to Kentucky. What should have been 5 hours away from our destination changed considerably. Traffic came to a standstill and we found ourselves about 3 miles back in a traffic jam caused by an accident. An hour later the line started to move and we drove less than an hour towards Nashville and found ourselves in another jam. We learned from the first one that it could be a while and took advantage of this one to rest and relax. Good thing too, because over 2 hours later we finally got going again. I had hoped to get through Nashville before rush hour, but didn't expect to bring all the rush hour traffic with us through town. It was quite a relief after every turn to lose a few more cars until we were in the 2nd to the last leg of our journey and found ourselves in yet a 3rd jam. We decided that we had spent at least 4 hours just sitting on the interstate. Our normal 22 hour trip finally took about 31 hours.

As we open our presents this year and see our loved ones open theirs, we'll remind them that the journey is part of the gift.

Merry Christmas,



Delirious said...

I'm glad you got there safe. And I'm glad you have some vacation so you have time to sit down and blog. :0P

Delirious said...

and what I should have said about your long drive was, "Ho, Ho...Holy cow!" :0)