Thursday, November 15, 2007

Midnight Rendevous

As I was preparing for bed a couple of nights ago, the dogs outside began barking. Not just my son's mutt, that stays outside, but also the neighbors' dogs. Every little thing sets them off, but they usually quiet down quickly. That night, however, they kept going.

I told my wife that there was probably an animal in the alley, but I didn't want them to disturb the neighbors or me. I grabbed a flashlight and went outside in my underwear, as it was a pleasant night. My son's mutt hid from me behind the shed, but at least she was quiet. The flashlight beam didn't show anything in the alley, but as I swung it back over the fence, it revealed the little guy above.

I suspect that after all the dogs barking at it, I was a pretty friendly face and it didn't run off. I talked to it a bit, played with its tail, but didn't feel brave enough to touch its back, then said, "Wait right here. I'll be back in a minute." I went inside and got the camera to take a couple of pictures, for which he posed well. It probably only saw spots in front of it for the rest of the night.

Once again I said, "Wait another minute." I went inside and got some bread to feed it. He wasn't sure about it at first, then gladly accepted the bread. I left him on the fence and went back to bed.

My biggest problem now is, what should I feed the possum tonight?

I'll figure it out.



Nene said...

If you gave it food, it probably WILL come back. I had a possum once that came every night for a week. The first 3 nights I suspect it took one of my 6 week old kittens. Since it was a Mother nursing possum, I wondered if it suspected that my kittens were motherless because she had been killed? (We had been giving them kitty formula. Or was Mother Possum taking them as food for her babies? I'll never know. After she took the last one, she came back one more time, then we never saw her again.

Nene said...

PS. Is this the picture you took? Or did you get this online somewhere? Because this is a really cool picture. If you took this, I'd like to see the real one. Email it to me.

Delirious said...

My neighbor found some orphaned possum babies (kits?) in her garage once. Because they aren't considered native to California, the rescue organizations wouldn't accept them. We searched to find a good place to let them go, and finally decided on a local regional park. We had to sneak them in so that people wouldn't wonder what we were doing. We went at night and let them loose near some trash cans where we thought they might be able to find food. Typically possums live off of dog food and garbage. I don't know if they survived, they might have become coyote dinner.