Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Book

Ok, I'm going to do something very strange. I am working on writing a new book and am in the preliminary stages. This will be more of a kid's book and I have the main character. You can see the photograph of him here. He is a rare squirrel, but what I really want is some input. Would the story be more interesting from a normal animal scenario or if the animals do more kinds of people things like clothes, tools or magic. I'm torn between the two and can see a story develop both ways. This is your chance to have some input in a book. I would also like to develop a drawing of the character not as realistic looking as the photograph.


Stick said...

Kids love things that are magical. Maybe start it out with the squirrel seeming to be normal, if rare, and then have someone find out he is magical--talking, etc. Adventures can go anywhere from there.

Delirious said...

Have you read Watership Down? It takes place in a Rabbit world. I would take the character out of the human world and keep him in the imaginary.