Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some Romantic Evening

Have you ever tried to plan the perfect romantic evening? Here was one I planned a few years ago. Let me know what you think about it.

About two weeks before Valentine's Day, I left me wife a cryptic message inviting her to a romantic evening. I put this in the appropriate old style font on parchment paper then sealed it with a rose embossed wax seal.

The next step was to write "I love you" on the bathroom mirror with RainX, it magically shows up after steamy shower. (This will actually stay on the mirror forever unless you clean the whole mirror with RainX cleaner and treat it with RainX, but you don't get a fogged up mirror anymore.)

For the second note, again on parchment about a week later, the details become clearer about a dinner on Valentine's Day, but again very cryptic. Buy a locked diary ahead of time and put the key into a wax seal on this message that says something like "You already have the key to my heart, but keep this key, it will open a rare treasure."

On Valentine's Day, write on the car and/or sidewalk "I love you" or "L loves H" etc.

Flowers need to appear sometime during the day at her work or on the table, dresser etc.

I planned for a bicycle built for two ride, but didn't plan well enough in advance, the friends with the bike had sent it to Arizona with their kids.

A treasure hunt with clues leads to the diary in which are about 2 dozen romantic, even erotic, scriptures. Yes I did say scriptures. Then there are several original poems about the two of us. Finally in the diary, this is why there is a lock on it, there is an original, personalized romance novel chapter with the two of us as the characters. Ours was a fantasy setting and just a little steamy. This provides enteraining reading for my spouse while we drive around giving my cohorts time to prepare the next stage.

My oldest daughter was in on the next part which also needed a little more advanced planning. Unfortunately it didn't work out well. She went to KFC and bought two meals for us and was taking them with tablecloth and flowers to the gazebo at the park. The sad part was that someone was using it for a birthday party so we wound up back at our own house with the same scenario.

As we wind up the evening after dinner at home, the kids are conveniently at overnights, we sit down to watch a movie, preferably Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail or whatever is your favorite romantic movie. Our movie snack was red and green MM's kept back from Christmas. My wife got the green MM's. (You know about the green ones.) I got the red ones. At least we got what was left after our old mutt of a dog ate about a pound of the MM's before my daughter discovered her.

I must say this to give you insights into my wife. After she read my hard thought out romance chapter, her only comment was, "I guess I know what was on your mind..."

After all that hard work was unappreciated, well almost unappreciated, I have not attempted such an endeavor again. If you decide to try it, I'd be happy to forward the scriptures, chapter and poems which you can alter however YOU like.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Inside Stories said...

I wasn't going to comment, logged off, but kept thinking about it, so deicded to log back on and put in my 2 cents worth. Remember that you asked for it. :0)
I think you lost her with the diary. You would have lost her there, too. We (women) know men love sex. We even suspect that if it was legally and morally all right, they would love sex with other women besides us. So we don;t really want it verbalized how much they want to have sex with us. I think you could have created a treasure with that same diary if you had instead written about why you fell in love with her and why you still love her, the little things she does that you love, and why she is the one for you. Just out of curiosity, did she burn the diary? Because I would have. I think your other ideas were cute. Maybe not the KFC part, though, unless you both really love it or something.

Inside Stories said...

Okay, you know it's really me.....typos. I meant you would have lost me there, too, and I do know how to spell decided. I don't know why I didn't proof-read that before I published it.
Oh yeah, don't send me the scriptures and other things, okay? :0)

Delirious said... know what I really liked? The treasure hunt idea. That sounds fun to me.

Twist's Tales said...

Ok, just so you'll know, the romantic chapter was not that bad. I got that idea from women, by the way.

PsychoIntern said...

Kudos for putting so much thought and effort into it...I have never done anything so elaborate for a would hurt my feelings if I felt it was unappreciated... :(

Stick said...

I agree with inside stories to a degree, but I also think that women assume that is all that is on a man's mind, whether it is or not. From a man's point of view I can see where you were trying to create a real romantic evening, and after all that is what Valentine's day is all about--romance. The problem comes in when we look at a man's definition of Romance as compared to a woman's. Again trying not to generalize, but most men think of romance as culminating in the ultimate act of love, women don't. They are happy with all the mushy stuff that leads there, but are disgusted that that is all that men think of. C'est la diferance, Vive la diferance.

I was going to ask for the packet to be sent to me, but now I think I'll do something else. :o)

Sharon said...

I applaude you for all your fantastic effort. I would love every minute if my husband did that for me. The romantic chapter was an awesome idea. Some women are too touchy about sex even with their husband but God gave sex to us in marriage as a way of being one and showing our love to the deepest level. That is why men love it of course! And women should too! That is our one and only love and it is beautiful if it is from God don't ya think?