Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Flu Blues

Monday about 3pm my stomach started hurting. That's nothing new in our family. I think we may have cornered the market on ulcers. Maybe we should invest in pharmaceutical company stock. This time it wasn't ulcer, it was stomach virus. It hit pretty hard. I haven't been that sick since the last time I got the flu. I slept maybe 3 hours that first night. Colonoscopy prep wasn't as bad as this was. No food sounded good, so I didn't eat for nearly two days. I worried about dehydration so I forced myself to drink juice and water. By Tuesday night the diarrhea quit, but every time I got out of bed, I got chills and started shaking so bad it made me physically tired. That's all gone now, but I'm so wiped out I don't have the energy to stand up for very long without getting winded and exhausted. The good news is I know it's gone now.

While all this has been going on with me, my wife has been to several doctors for a battery of tests to determine if she has appendicitis or something else. She goes back to the specialist tomorrow to get the results of her xrays. Neither of us have time, money or inclination to go anywhere for Valentine's Day, so we're going to go out Saturday. Ok, so it's the retirement party for my boss, but we'll pretend no one else is there.


Delirious said...

Wow, I hope you get feeling normal soon. I know H said you both had stomach aches...I didn't know it was the flu! I had something like that a month ago...wiped me out. No fun.

Stick said...

Jessica sends her sympathy. She started with her wisdom teeth, and then got the flu, so couldn't eat fro two days with her teeth, and couldn't eat for four more with the flu. TOO much fun.

Twist's Tales said...

With all the publicity out there about the peanut butter and salmonella, several of us are wondering if that's what we've had. We had both brands that were in the news and the same lot numbers.