Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Changing Times, or Not

I have served for the past 7.5 years as the executive secretary to the Stake President in our area. It's been amazing to work with such spiritual giants and see the operations of the Church, not to mention that I seem to be in on all the workings of the Stake without much responsibility. The Presidency was call 1.5 years before they called me.

After 9 years they were released Sunday in a Stake Conference with two General Authorities attending. The 2nd counselor was called to be the new Stake President and he called a current Bishop and member of the High Council as his new counselors. This is the youngest Stake Presidency in the history of the Stake. They seem well suited to handle the unique issues of the next decade. They are all also spiritual giants.

Until last week, I assumed I was being released at the same time, then we learned that any changes for me will be determined by the new Stake Presidency. Our first meeting will be this Thursday. I have always thought that my responsibilities are to anticipate what the President needs and have it ready for him. There are other duties I have, but those may change slightly also.

I have served simultaneously in this calling and as an ordinance worker in the Temple for the same 7.5 years. I'll be just tickled pink if this goes on for another decade for me as well, but that is up to the Lord.

Just another humble servant,


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