Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meteoric Question

Ok, so at 6am this morning we saw more falling stars from the hot tub than during the peak of the meteor shower. There's nothing like watching the sky from a hot, steamy bath. Some of the meteors put on a good show.

There were a few there were a little different. I don't recall noticing them ever before. Earlier this month and again today, I saw several falling stars that must have been coming more or less directly at me. There was no trail, just a pinpoint of light that suddenly appeared, got bigger and brighter, then dissappeared. As I stated, I can only explain this if it were coming towards us.

I'm curious if anyone else has observed falling stars like this. My conclusion appears solid, but with no trail, you have to bee looking directly at the spot to see it. No, I'm not seeing things that aren't there, but I would like to know if others have "seen the light."


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