Friday, October 23, 2009

We Do What We Can

I have a good friend that is 17 years my senior. He nearly died from an aortic anurism about 7 years ago, but was miraculously save. He has one paralyzed leg which makes it difficult for him to get around even in his motorized wheelchair. His van has been adapted to drive with his left leg and has a wheelchair lift in the back.

I drove him around a couple of days as he had cataract surgery and follow up visits. His vision increased tremendously after the surgery. We went shopping today and I drove him again. As we got home he thought he felt good enough to go for a drive, which he likes to do often. He walked around the car and got into the drivers seat. I asked him again if he was ok and he said yes. I got into my truck and drove home.

Had I been 60 seconds later driving around the block I'd have seen the results of his paralyzed foot getting caught under the brake pedal and on top of the gas pedal. I would then have seen his van careen across the street, across the neighbor's lawn and into his fence. I would have seen a pole from the fence go through his window, mess up the door and hit his leg.

He called me from the emergency room where the x-rays showed no breaks, but a pretty bad hematoma. He's home now recuperating. He's making plans to repair the door and get going again. Oh, by the way. His inspection sticker is out. His registration is expired. He has no insurance because, with so many collisions, nobody wants to insure him. I wonder how many other people out there are like my friend.

I'll do what I can, but I can't do everything.



Delirious said...

Sad story, but he chose to drive

Inklings said...

That is too bad. I feel sorry for him.

Amber said...