Sunday, November 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

I went to a home building supply store the other day to buy some materials. I bought some lumber, hardware and gifts which totalled to about $40. We went through the self checkout, but a worker scanned everything in for us. When she got to the hardware it was a long bolt, washer and nut which she had to look up at another register. After several minutes she told us to go ahead and swipe our debit card then enter our PIN. After doing so, the screen said our purchase was the amount of $0.21. My wife and I both told the lady 4 or 5 times that the other merchandise had not processed and that the sale was wrong. The lady smiled, winked and said, "Merry Christmas."

I spoke to my son-in-law later about this. He works at the same store and said that if there is a mistake at the check out, the workers are to let it pass in amounts under $50.00 rather than inconvenience the customers by re-ringing up the sale.

Rats. At those prices I would have bought more,



Amber said...

dang!! you sure have great luck!! :D

Delirious said...


Lindsay-Weaver said...

I wonder if you had somebody "Pay it Forward"? What a nice surprise!