Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eagles' Nest

My son Nathan,will soon be 16. That means he could get a drivers license, start to date, and it means he needs to get his eagle scout project done within 2 years. Fortunately, he's been working on the project over the other things. We spent a number of hours this past week working on the project. He is renovating the Outdoor Nature Center at the elementary school where my wife works. There is now a 4x6 foot turtle habitat, a bird feeder, bird house, and soon a weather center. Lots of new plants were put in, the bridge resealed and handrails painted and a general cleanup all over. I personally hauled hundreds of pounds of materials in the wheelbarrow. The entire project is more work than several we've heard about. Most all of it's done now just waiting for the write up. We're hopefull that he'll be approved and receive his award by the time school starts again. Chris got his eagle just before he turned 18. Nathan will have 2 years to spare. Their mother fully deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

I think I need some ibuprofen.


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