Saturday, July 12, 2008

All We Need is Love

I have discovered why so many teenagers and others get on facebook and myspace. While I don't have a myspace account, I do now have a facebook. Initially I signed up so I could view some group photos of a camp I recently helped as an adult leader. Shortly after signing up, I began to accumulate friends on my facebook account. People requested to be my friend, I asked others to be my friend. This is the true secret. We all want friends. We all want to be wanted. In the world of youth, this is of ultimate importance. As an adult, it's not so bad either. Friends I know, friends who have moved away, friends I had forgotten about, friends I don't even know. I find myself wanting to request friends that are young , old, and unknown just to show my friend count higher and higher. And if one of your friends writes on your wall, well that is akin to having your house teepeed. It's not done out of hate or dislike. You only teepee your friends.

That's about all I can write for now. I need to see if anyone's replied to my friends requests on facebook.



Nene said...

Interesting...I had never thought about it like that.

Native Minnow said...

I haven't succumbed to facebook yet, although it is alluring. I figure with the amount of time I waste on blogger and myspace, I probably ought to stay far far away from facebook.

That said, should I eventually give in, I'll make sure to friend you.

Amber said...

For me it isn't so much about amassing as many friends as I can as much as it is about re-connecting with ones I've lost touch with, as an adult I know how hard it is to make NEW friends, so it's really nice to have a way to find the old ones. LOL - Plus it's just plain fun STUFF on there!