Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wedding Bells

While I was away at camp, my wife was planning the wedding, luncheon and reception for Chris and Tandi. I got back in the afternoon on Friday and in the evening we started decorating the church building. We setup chairs, we carried food, but everything was pretty much a simple affair. I know, easy for me to say. They got married and headed out to Colorado for a honeymoon in a cabin in the mountains. They are going white water rafting. While they are gone, Tamra went to her father's and we get to babysit the sheltie and the wolf. Yes, I said wolf. He's sweet, but if they'd taken him to Colorado, who knows, he might have run off to join a pack somewhere. Now we're in the process of getting everything out of Chris' room to move kids around.

To top all the week off, Laura and Niels just announced their engagement as well! They are planning to be married December 12th this year. Never a dull moment around our house.

Maybe I should have just purchased a tux. Might come in hand a lot in the next few years.



Delirious said...

Congratulations! I"m happy for both sets of kids! :)

Inside Stories said...

Me, too. You should post a picture of Tandi and Chris, too.

Twist's Tales said...

I did post some wedding pictures on the family website.

Nene said...

Wow! Congratulations! They make a cute couple! Glad the wedding went well. Sorry I missed it but I'm having a great time with my Texas grandkids visiting!

Amber said...

i re-started my blog, here's the new link