Sunday, August 15, 2010

When Ya Gotta Go

I love to kayak. I'm not one of those death defying whitewater people. I just like to tote my boat to wherever I feel like floating and put it in the water. I paddle around the dock, the dam, the island, the ducks, go by kids on the playground or wherever the mood directs.

Friday I got out early and went fishing as well. I was rewarded after about an hour with being pulled around by a stout little 4lb bass. I thanked him by letting him go when I was done. As tired as I was I decided to check out a geocache in the middle of another lake. That lake had flooded recently and I believe that the cache, a pill bottle, floated away in the flood, but I spent about 30 minutes paddling around the island looking for it anyway. I returned home and emailed the person who hid the cache and asked if he had visited it since the flood. I haven't heard from him yet.

The day was refreshing and tiring, but got more so that evening as I discovered that two hours after I left the second lake a man drowned there. The story was not clear, but he had evidently swum out to the island to retrieve his disabled RC boat. Had I been there at the same time I would gladly have gotten the boat for him. Would that have saved him? Would he have still drowned? Would he have taken me with him? Don't know. This much I do know, when it's your time to go, you go.

Glad I haven't felt the urge,



Mr. Giggles said...

But...Whether it's my time or not, I don't plan on swimming to an island in the middle of a lake! The "what-if" game can go on forever, but generally speaking I don't take too many life-endangering risks!

Nene said...

I agree with Mr. Giggles. Surely he could have gotten someone else with a boat to take him to the island. Or even taken a life jacket to swim with. Safety first.