Thursday, August 12, 2010

Father Knows Best

Nathan: I can climb over the fence and get the ball.
Me: No. It's not safe. There's a big dog over there.
Nathan: I've done it before. The dog's not there.
Me: It's a big dog. It's not safe.
Nathan: I've done it before. It's no big deal.

He climbs over the fence and disappears.


Ball sails back over the fence.

Nathan sails over the fence....mostly. As he unhooks clothing caught on the fence:

Me: I guess you'll listen to your Dad more often...


Stick said...

Probably not. :o)

Archeantus said...

I never said he wasn't there, I just said I could get it, and I did, I just didn't expect my swimtrunks to get caught. And Yes, I will listen to my dad now.

Amber said...

dang...parents are always right ;>

Mr. Giggles said...

Not ALL parents are always right, but we generally try to at least be the voice of reason...generally. I wouldn't bet against Twist very often though...