Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Fun

Just thought I'd post of few pictures I took in our backyard today. We had quite an intense winter storm. It start by dropping over an inch of freezing rain then changing to snow with over 4 inches so far. (Don't laugh you mountain folks.) That was too much temptation and we all hopped in the hot tub. The water is about to overflow because my youngest son ducked under the water just before the camera snapped the pictures.
I had to include a couple of pictures of our Ent tree faces. We thought they it was funny, but it turns out it'snot. Ok, really it is funny and they are just icicles.
PS, my son and I did snow angels then popped back in the tub.


Delirious said...

"hides her eyes while the boys get out to do snow angels" ;)

Nene said...

BRRRRR!!!! How could you even stand to lay down in the snow?

Inklings said...

That's a lot of snow for where you are. Did school get cancelled? I remember that when I lived there they always cancelled school if it snowwed because no one had snow tires nor knew how to drive in it.
Glad you all could have some fun with it.