Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Grinch Came

It turns out that my nephew, Jaromy, was not the only person to come and visit on Sunday. Probably sometime during the evening before we all went to bed, someone got into my in-laws' RV and stole some valuables. They missed the laptop, but got a couple of cameras, a tin container full of jewelry and of all things, another container full of crayons and pens. The latter were in another tin and they probably thought it was another can of jewelry.

This is not the first time someone has gone through our vehicles and we try to always keep them locked. My in-laws know this and tried to keep the RV locked, but apparently missed getting it secured that day. I'm sure there's no chance of getting things back, but if we give a description to the police, maybe they will come across the stuff somewhere.

This group or individual has been hitting a number of homes around this area and probably live nearby. Someone had broken into the outdoor learning center at the elementary school and stolen the birdhouse and the bird feeder my son had put in as part of an eagle scout project. That was on mothers' day. I'm sure their mother was proud of them as they gave her the stolen items. How touching.

Oh, well. Life goes on,



Nene said...

I'm sure it's someone in your neighborhood. Keep your eyes open for someone looking either guilty or cocky. :0)

Stick said...

We had someone get into our Yukon, and into our friends Yukon, and steal money from Ann's and her friend's wallet. They did not take anything except folding money. No cards of anything else, but it still ticks me off. All I can say is I better not catch them at it. Kids in my school know what happens when I break up a fight. Two kids were fighting on the playground, I ran over and grabbed the top kid with my left hand, and the bottom kid with my right hand. I threw the top kid about ten feet to seperate them, then picked them both up by the scruffs of their necks to march them to the office. The kid I threw kept telling people I tackled him. I only used one hand. :o)

Inklings said...

When we were having neighborhood car thefts it turned out to be a girl who lived in the neighborhood looking for drug money.
The reason we know it was her is that when she moved, they abruptly stopped. She only took money, but after her brother WENT ON A MISSION his parents discovered a closet full of stolen goods in his bedroom, and yes, the police called him home.

Amber said...

that stinks!