Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bittersweet Victory

A month or so ago, the hot tub plug shorted out. As I researched parts available on the internet, I found that the manufacturer replacement part was $60, just for the plug. We went to a number of local electrical supply companies, but did not find an appropriate replacement. Amazingly enough, I did not check ebay till this week. Sure enough, there was a new plug for about $25. It came in the mail faster than my inlaws could travel from Kentucky. It should be up to operating temperature by the time they arrive. Unfortunately, the temperature outside has set record highs at 106 yesterday and similar today.

Wait, it hasn't heated all the way yet and is still pretty cool. Maybe the heat of summer won't be so bad for a few hours after all.

I've got to find my swim trunks.



Delirious said...

Can you turn off the heater?

I certainly don't envy you the 106 degree temperature! This week has been really nice here, cool breezes, not too high temps. But I know that is just summer's tease. It's going to be scorching by next month.

Nene said...

And yet here I sit in 60 degree weather. :0)

Amber said...

sweet! don't you just love the internet! I'm glad you got it up and working again!