Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dad's & Lads

Our ward had an outing for the fathers and sons this weekend. We went camping at a place I haven't been since I was a teenager. During that trip we slept (and I use the term loosely) under a tornado and severe thunderstorm warning. With those old scout tents we had a river running from one end of the tent down the middle and out the other side. Wind, rain and hail were all pretty fierce.

This trip was picture perfect. The weather was gorgeous. The campsite was manicured and the lake was beautiful. Nathan and I went and took the kayak. We traded off taking it out. As I got in the first time I overbalanced and tipped it over in about 6 inches of water, filling it and my shoes with water and soaking myself. On a side note, I must have jammed my right hand ring finger because now it's swollen.

The rest of the campout was fine, no mishaps. I admit I did let a little fatherly worry wrinkle my brow as my youngest son took the kayak out to the middle of the lake by the dam and out of sight several times. I advised him beforehand that if it tipped over, just to get in it water and all. The kayak has foam inside both ends and will still float even if full of water, but he did fine.

The "fathers and sons" turned out to include many daughters too. Many of the dads brought all their kids or just daughters. It complicated the bathroom issue, but only slightly. It was a fun campout. We took Subway sandwiches for dinner and they cooked pancakes and Harry Potter sausages for breakfast.

That would have topped off the weekend fine except that my truck died about two blocks from the house and we had to push it back. I'm afraid it's the fuel pump. I'll have to have it seen about on Monday.

Life goes on as usual,



Delirious said...

I would die if my son was in a kayak near a dam!!!

Nene said...

Yikes! I agree with Delirious!

Inklings said...

I know, those scout campouts can be scary sometimes, but I am glad you had some father-son bonding, and sorry about your truck.

What are Harry Potter sausages???

Amber said...

that sounds fun - i wanna go camping!! what are harry potter sausages?