Saturday, June 9, 2007

Vision of the Future

In keeping with my last entry, I thought I would reveal the insights I've received about the future. Before anyone assume there was a dream, trance or visitation involved, this vision was merely a glimpse of the present as it will be in a few short years.

My oldest daughter has been married now for 5 years and has two children. They live 15 minutes across town, a distance sufficient to enable both parent and child to feel independance.

Although my oldest son still currently resides in a small corner of our house, he seldom occupies that space. Work, girlfriend, work and fishing keep his room vacant and quiet, if not clean. He comes in late and sleeps amidst the clutter then wakes and begins the routine again.

Our next daughter is very involved in college, work, church and boyfriends. Once again her inner sanctum is vacant most of the time except for the 3 dogs that prefer to sleep on her bed while she is away.

This week our youngest daughter went on a choir trip to Florida. No competition was involved. No singing practice was needed. I assume that the choir teachers like to get trips to exotic places. She left Sunday at noon and returns Saturday at midnight.

Our youngest son left Wednesday to go to a church youth conference to return Saturday evening.

Thursday and Friday nights found my wife and I alone at the house. There was no shouting, no loud music. No clothes, books, shoes or other accouterments of youth were laying around the house. No friends phoned for our children. None came to visit. In short, the house was peaceful, quiet and just a bit boring. We, of course, filled our time with cleaning, walking, shopping and other activities including conversation, some of which centered on "This is what it will be like in about 5 years."

As long as my children live in the same area enabling visits as often as desired, I think I could learn to like this vision of the future.



Delirious said...

I tell you though, it sure is nice to have our daughter back home for the summer. Her personality adds so much to the mix, and we miss it when she is gone. I think I will be happy to keep them home as long as possible. :)

Inside Stories said...

That is why I wish I could live closer to my family. In a few months I will be living in a town where I have no family, no support and not much going on in my life, and it's kind of scary to me.

Inside Stories said...

Another thought: It is kind of scary to say you know what lies in the's like tempting fate!