Saturday, June 23, 2007

Honeymoon in June

Actually, this could more accurately be titled Second Honeymoon in June. My wife and I celebrated our twenty seventh anniversary this week. I had a training class scheduled in Austin all week for work. By driving to class, we decided that both my wife and I could go together.

The extra company made for a much more enjoyable week for me than normal at class. My wife stayed at the hotel during the day and we ate lunches together, then after class we were free to set out on a new adventure every evening. We ate at our favorite restaurants, walked all over the capitol and saw the sights. We watched the bats fly out from under the bridge two different nights, once from the grassy bank and once as we took a tour boat on the lake for nearly two hours.

I walked two miles every day going to class and back. Monday night we walked around downtown, to the lake, to dinner and back to the motel again for a total of at least five miles. Finally we returned home Friday to find everything and everyone in satisfactory condition, none the worse for the wear.

The last time we went to Austin together our youngest son was less than a year old. Maybe we'll take another excursion before another fourteen years go by.


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