Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Work Today

I'll tell you what... It's sure nice (occasionally) to work for the government. We closed our offices on Monday for MLK. I contemplated all day the "I have a dream...." Ok, actually I did a little more dreaming during the day than usual. I spent part of it installing a new cd player in my truck. Add the ham radio in it and I may have doubled the value of the truck. Anyway, it was a good day off. All days off are good.

I got a call around 6AM today to let me know there was no work today and it had nothing to do with the fact that the water heater two floors above my office broke over the weekend and flooded the whole building, possibly ruining thousands of dollars worth of equipment. That may be a reason to close again tomorrow, however. No, what prompted this closing today was the fact that a Blue Northern blew into Austin, a city 320 miles away, with freezing rain icing up the hill country of Texas. You may think people in West Texas don't know how to drive on snow and ice, and you'd be right, but let me just say that folks deep in the heart of Texas are positively panicked about having ice they only see once in about 5-10 years at a time.

It is still cold here, but somehow I'm enjoying it more thinking about all those frozen politicians further south. And yup, I've already have my gourmet hot chocolate this morning with Tabasco sauce added to warm up my day.


Delirious said...

My husband didnt' have MLK day off, and was tempted to take it off, but didn't. I'm glad because I think he is getting the virus I had. He will probably have to take off some days if he get sick.

Stick said...

Writing from the frozen north lands, I have a hard time having sympathy for anyone south of the 40 degree parallel over cold temps, but especially politicians. Sounds like as good of a reason for not going to work as I can think of though.