Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Rules of Jason Bourne

I just finished reading the 3 books in the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum, then watched the movies. The movies are only vaguely based on the books, but still fun to watch. Throughou the series, Jason Bourne repeats to himself and tells others his basic rules of being a spy. I thought the rules applied to other areas, so I compiled a list. Here is what I noted down:

1. You are not helpless. You will find your way
2. Instinct. Follow your instincts, reasonably, of course
3. Don’t crucify yourself
4. Nothing can be disregarded
5. To blend in, change your appearance, your hair your face.
6. Read the newspapers every day.
7. Stay controlled.
8. The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity.
The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still.
9. Use an advantage given to you.
10. Do the unexpected. Confuse the enemy, throw him off balance.
11. Don’t run. Running identifies you as a target.
12. Opportunities will present themselves. Recognize them, act on them.
13. Don’t make your moves when you’re tired or exhausted. Rest is a weapon. Use it. Don’t forget it.
14. Work on the visual. It’s more effective than anything else. People will draw the conclusions you want on the basis of what they see far more than from the most convincing lies you can tell them.
15. Study everything. You’ll find something you can use.
16. The cleanest escape is one done in stages, using whatever confusion there is.
17. Establish a benign contact as soon as you can. Especially in an unfamiliar face where there could be hostility. The contact could give you the opportunity or the time you need.
18. Avoid elevators whenever you can. They’re traps.
19. Your first reflections are the best, the most accurate, because the impressions are stored in your head, like the information in a data bank. That’s what your head is.

If you noticed any rules I missed, let me know.



Delirious said...

I LOVE this! As I was reading this, I was thinking about how this would all come in useful if I were ever a victim of a violent crime. I think all of these things would help in any situation where we find ourselves in trouble. As I read the one about traps, I thought about Chinese martial arts, and some of the principles of using the enemy's own force against them. For example, if a person punches at you, you can use their force against them by moving to the side, and allowing them to fly on by. You can even add a little push to their back, and help them to fly in to the ground! I do think it's true that every trap has a solution, if we just think about physics, and how to use the trap to our advantage.
Very interesting ideas! I think I need to read the books!

Nene said...

Well, I must truly be your sister, because I also have been reading the Jason Bourne books. I have one more book to read - the Ultimatim one. Do you also know that there are more books beyond that? They are by a different author, since Robert Ludlum died. Inklings has read them, or at least some of them, so ask her. But when I was reading the books, I was mentally paying attention to Jason's Rules. I didn't do what you did - write them down - but a part of me kept nagging that I should. Why? Who knows? But I'm glad you did write them down. I read the first 2 books in succession, and bought the 3rd one. But then I happened upon my town's library sale, and decided to read all the books that I bought from that, that I wouldn't be taking home. So I may not get to the Bourne Ultimatim until I get back home.

Amber said...

coolness :) I love the Bourne movies they are sooo good!

Inklings said...

I can't remember now just how many Jason Bourne books there are, but I think at least 8, and the subsequent ones are written by Erich Von Lustbader.

Unknown said...

Rest is a weapon. Use it. Don't forget it. So true. This I will never forget.