Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sea Turtles, Salmon and....Spiders?

It is a well documented fact that many animals can find their way back to where they were born. Turtles and salmon, for example may travel hundreds of miles to return to their nesting/spawning locations, but I've never heard it said that spiders do it.

We had a spider in our front yard, called Charlotte by some, Bella by others, you know.. a vampider.. Anyway, I liked to just refer to it as ookie. As Halloween approached, we decided to relocate the spider to avoid any web collisions by trick-or-treaters. Not to mention, a similar spider in Plainview really attacked a stick we used to move it away from our doorway.

I got a small (small not short) branch and swirled it around the web, effectively getting enough of the web to keep the spider attached. It was eating a bug at the time or it might have gotten away again. I took that stick and web around the house out the back gate and threw it down the alley on the opposite side of the alley from our house. I figured it would be happy enough with a tree down the alley.

That might have been all of a week ago and there is a spider back in the original tree again. Whether it is the same spider or another, I don't know, but Laura said, "Wouldn't it be really ookie if it went through the house to get back to the front yard. (Shudder).

As Mom would say, now I itch all over.



Nene said...

We had a huge garden spider right outside out kitchen window in Texas that had built a web almost the size of the window. It was fun to stand inside and watch her. One day we caught her and put her in a jar with her egg sac so Survival Knife could take her to school when they were studying insects. He brought her back home, we destroyed the egg sack and then carefully put her back on the web. When people would come to our house and see her and her web they would gasp and say, "Oh my gosh you have a huge spider you need to kill it!" I'd say, "Oh, that's Charlotte - we let her stay because the kids like watching her." They probably thought I was crazy. But it was interesting. That winter she went away.

Delirious said...

All I can say is, "Oogie" ..sorry, in California we say Oogie, not ookie. :P

Amber said...

I remember that spider and it looks similar (i think) to the one that Twist has. Honestly, I think the scarier thought is that you have a tree full of honker spiders. Don't do any tree climbing on that one! LOL