Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Joy in Mudville

In the continuing saga of the historic rain here, the day after the rain fell was Friday night. Date night for my youngest daughter Samantha. She and her date, a respectable RM, decided to go to the park. Unfortunately, the park was under 4 feet of water. Unfortunately, that didn't stop them.

They waded out until they found the swingset. They swung in the swings for awhile. I'm not sure quite how they managed since the swings were actually under water. When they'd had enough, or were too cold to stay, they got up to leave when, to their horror, both of them had lost their sets of car keys in the murky waters. They tried and failed to find either set of keys and got keys delivered from one set of parents and drove home for the other set of keys.

My wife and I were not informed of this key loss, which said keys belonged to my truck, until Saturday evening. We went speedily to the park where I waded out about 25 yeards only to decide that the water would be way to deep another 100 yards out where the swingset was located.

I talked to Chris about borrowing his kayaks mentioned in my last blog. He and Tandy decided that was as good an excuse to kayak as any and headed out before I could. In the kayaks they quickly got to the swingset. Chris told Tandy, "Watch my leg to see how deep the water is" and he got out of the kayak. With a shocked look he told Tandy, " I think I'm standing on the keys!"

Sure enough, the first place his foot touched down was on my keys.

Monday, Samantha and friend were going to meet at the park to look for the other keys, which Chris did not find. Before Samantha could get there, he'd already found his keys.

We're happy we found both sets of keys in the flood, but we were both disappointed that we didn't get to play in the kayaks and water.

I wonder what else I could find if I paddled out anyway...



Amber said...

LOL Okay that just sounds like way too much fun - I want to kayak through the park!! LOL - I'm glad you found all the keys - hopefully they weren't the electronic kind - how deep was the water anyway? waist deep? hip? thigh? knee?

Nene said...

Well, I guess you're still playing in mud puddles from the rain. Now that your older, you just play in bigger puddles! ;0) - jk

Twist's Tales said...

The water was about 4 feet deep where the keys were.

You know what they say, the bigger the boys, the bigger the toys...or puddles.

Delirious said...

Heck, who needs lost keys to take out the kayak? I think you should take it out again just for the fun of paddling around!

And by the way...that is just miraculous that he found them! LOL

gilbert girl said...

How funny!!