Sunday, May 11, 2008

Page 161 Tag

I'm not much for blog tags. Partly because I only go to the blogs I link to. I'm reading a several books right now. # 3 in the Anne Rice vampire series is Queen of the Damned, but I couldn't find a very interesting quote on that page.

I am reading the Old Testament in Spanish, so here goes:

Números 23:24

He aquí el pueblo que como león se levantará,
Y como león se erguirá;
No se echará hasta que devore la presa,
Y beba la sangre de los muertos.

That last line almost sounds like a line out of the vampire book

Nos veremos más adelante,



Delirious said...

The only reason I like tags is because it gives people something to blog about if they normally dont' blog often. :)

Twist's Tales said...

Eeze awll part of eevill plan to meck us blog. Reezestanz eeze fewtile.