Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm a Believer

I'm a believer, and that doesn't refer to religion or the Monkees' song, although both apply. My middle daughter L_ drives 25 miles each way to college 3 times a week. As she drove to class this week, her car made a funny knocking noise which she asked me about over the phone. She thought it might be a tire problem and a classmate told her he knew everything about tires since he works for Discount Tire. All he could tell her was that the tire would need to be replaced within the next several months.

At a friend's house, L_ and he discovered that not only were two lug nuts missing from her wheel, but that the bolts were sheared off. She took the car to have it fixed and amazingly it only cost $45.00. Quite a bargain considering it could have cost L_ her life travelling to and from college.

I advised her to tell her "I know everything about tires" classmate that he skipped the part in class about counting lug nuts.


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